Teak is the most prized wood in shipbuilding. Its mechanical properties and wealth of oily resins provide high resistance to abrasive marine environment make it the most prized wood in shipbuilding.

Due to the increasing global demand for teak, its operation is subjected to a rigorous cycle to ensure sustainability of the product, allowing regeneration of forests through a system of rational and controlled extraction.

For the manufacture of our decks we use Burmese teak, Tectona Grandis, with certificates of origin.

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Our carpentry is constituted mainly by its own design department. Responsible for analyzing, studying and advising the client personally to your needs at any time.

The design department has many highly skilled auxiliary carpentry shops.

Our knowledge and industry experience has allowed us to get to know different carpentry shops, each a specialist in their field. Thus creating an articulated model that allows us to maneuver according to customer needs, offering a wide range of possibilities in every moment. Advised at all times by our design department and experts in carpentry. Depending on the work involved, we work with those who can offer the best service, quality and price on the market.

Among our products and services are, indoor-outdoor furniture, cabinets polishing, varnishing, complete sanding, teak decks, gratings, floors, etc..

Electrical and Electronic Technical Support: construction Design and projection Repair of electrical systems

  • construction
  • Design and projection
  • Repair of electrical systems

Change of electrical networks and revisions.

Interior and exterior lighting.

High energy efficiency and low consumption projects. Installation of 406 MHz beacons.

Sales and installation of electronic navigation equipment, radar, antennas, sensors, VHF, TV.

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We offer all kinds of services topsides and superstructures as well as hull treatments. We have highly qualified and experienced companies in Yacht painting.

We paint from small boats to megayachts.

We strip, shape, paint and prepare hulls for racing boats.

Antiosmosis treatments .

On-site service at dry dock

We drive to your place of repair / dry dock anywhere in Valencia, Castellon & Alicante to perform any antifoulings or treatment with the simple goal of saving customers the maximum possible in travel and dry dock stay costs for our services.


Painted with brush, roller or airless.

Apply any antifouling, trademark or reference, according to customer demande.

We assemble and repair any type of engine, gearbox and starter motors.

Remotorization. Project management.

Installation of lines of shafts, propellers, stabilizers and flaps.

Installation of generators, water purification and electrical appliances.

Installation of water, toilet, hydraulic system and conditioning.

Washing and painting of engines.

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With our rigging and sails services we try to give full coverage to sail boats to provide adjusted and trimmed rigging for proper operation and performance. The many services we offer for sail boats include:

  • «Dismasting» of masts and spars.
  •  Partial or complete inspections and replacement of standing rigging, wire or rod.
  • Design and installation of complete maneuvers.
  • Polishing
  • «Cabuyería»
  • Chrome Winch
  • Cleaning and protection treatments of sails.
  • Sail repairs and sail making.
  • Installation of lights, cameras, weather vanes, etc,… on masts. 

We offer different possibilities of work in stainless steel, handrails, balustrades, pulpits, arches, etc.. and custom manufacturing of tanks for fuel, oil and water, all checked by the Ministry of Industry.

Repairs, welding and supports for all types of boats.

Structures in steel, aluminum and stainless. We have experienced professionals in the industry and we have the support of companies with much experience making steel and aluminum boats.

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10 Years of experience in the design of interiors and structures between 10m to 70m vessels make our technical department able to face each refit by providing ideas and solutions, supporting production and solving each type of problem and challenge that may arise over the course of the work. 3D and CAD programs allow us to propose engineering solutions and graphics to each owner through rendering and 3D animations.

  • Floor plans, 3D models and renderings presentations
  • Drawings of structures and naval supplies
  • Woodworking Plans and CNC
  • Installation layout drawings
  • Drawings of decoration of cabins and lounges
  • 3D design, rendering and animation (model ships and interior)
  • Site work supervision and support to the ship managers.