VALENCIA YACHT SERVICES focuses its activity to the restoration and reparation of boats and yachts.

The approach involves management and advisory services to clients through agreements with third parties with or without its own technical facilities, etc. so that we can provide value added to customers and always work towards each of the situations that arise. In this sense, the team is made up of department heads, according to several major fields, which will lead the projects or services and be responsible for the appropriate quality controls. Offering personalized attention for each client and their needs is our goal.

Our goal is to plan, manage and supervise all repairs in the agreed delivery period and with the expected quality.

Constantly informing the owner or representative about the evolution in the execution of the work. Creating an interactive system of visits, consultations and information. During the progression of the work, the manager will be informed, knowing his opinion at all times. These will let us detect possible failures that may not satisfy the owner in the final product.

Full services refit and repair throughout the area of Valencia. Moving staff and equipment necessary to the boat to save displacements and unnecessary costs.

Customer orientation for their specific needs.

The company is structured around a modern vision of services and is able to guide and determine any need for repair, maintenance or improvement based on knowledge and experience of the nautical sector.

We offer quality and continuous improvement.

Our commitment in terms of quality and continuous improvement is complete. Our corporate governance is based on a series of processes continuously evaluated in order to obtain higher quality and customer satisfaction.

We manage innovation

We conducted a study and constant market analysis in order to offer our customers solutions based on latest trends, new technologies, research, and machinery, applicable to the requested services. 

We bring a breath of fresh air

His young character should be perceived as a breath of fresh air to renew the illusion of its customers by providing services to the differential qualities in project management, design, innovative materials, new technologies, environment, quality, etc…

The knowledge of our professional team, experience, quality management and work, support the validity of the firm as partner or service provider.